Sunday, December 3, 2006

My intro from my other (short-lived) blog

[It's more than a little pretentious, but I still like it. Enjoy!]

Information. Knowledge. Wisdom.

The first is raw data, brought to us via any number of mediated connections to the world around us. Information in and of itself has no value, no judgment, no intrinsic worth. Just the facts, streaming in on waves of light, sound and sensation.

Knowledge is information that has been brought into consciousness. Knowledge is the information that any individual is able to ingest, process and regurgitate on demand or as needed. If you can't take in or spit out information, it's not part of your knowledge trove.

Then, there is wisdom. Wisdom is what happens with knowledge after we've taken a good long look at it from as many angles as possible. Wisdom has depth, resonance and longevity. Knowledge can fall out of memory, but wisdom tends to find the deep crevasses of the soul and stick there. You touch knowledge, and knowledge touches you back with wisdom.

I make my living by helping people find information. I organize it, manage it, move it around, determine good sources for it, write it down and eliminate it when its usefulness has passed. I'm currently trying to change the venue in which I do this, moving from a public library to the online world.

Right now, I deal in information. On a personal level, I have acquired a significant amount of knowledge. Now, comes wisdom, and wisdom is only achieved through reflection and dialog. That's what this blog is all about.

Since I'm testing my interface with this new site, I'm going to end here, but with a tiny bit of wisdom: If you've checked your harness, secured the cinches, checked in with your instructor, and prayed to the divine of your choice, when they open the door of the plane and point at you, it's time to jump.

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