Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Librarian" video by Haunted Love

New Zealand-based Haunted Love has their first video up on YouTube: "Librarian". I'm a bit torn, as to be expected. They trot out all of the usual librarian stereotypes ("I want to wear glasses ever-y-day"), but they add an almost Secretary-like vibe to the idea. The exposure is good, but I still want to see the video featuring librarians on motorcycles, with tattoos and blue hair. There's the promotion to catch a few new faces in the profession.

A fun vid, regardless, and one worth the four minutes. Enjoy!

via The Laughing Librarian

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Jessica Steytler said...

I have often considered death-by-moveable-stacks a choice method of execution, except for the frustration of getting the books dirty.
That guy from the vide was more in need of a WWF-style takedown, if you ask me. -Jess